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Latest News
Illuminate Volume 2, 2014 is Now Online

The latest edition of Spinal Research’s newsletter, Illuminate, has been added to our website.

This edition is jam-packed with interviews and articles including:

  • An Interview with Jamie Richards by Nimrod Weiner, in which Jamie discusses his views on the importance and relevance of chiropractic in Australasia and the World.
  • Research – The Currency of Influence by Martin Harvey takes a look at how a positive future for chiropractic will rely on more research and how your membership of the Foundation can help facilitate that.
  • Research Abstracts is a collection from some of the most prominent people in chiropractic – research they’ve found interesting over the last 12 months.
  • Legacy from Leadership establishes new Research Scholarship tells of how a recent bequest to the Foundation will provide a lasting legacy to support chiropractic students.

To access Illuminate, please click HERE


Other News
There is no greater practice goal or greater measure of a

healthcare profession’s value than patient outcomes.
- Dr James Chestnut

We are pleased to announce that Dr James Chestnut returns to Australia this November to present a two day seminar in Sydney and Melbourne entitled, ‘Evidence-Based Chiropractic and Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well™ Lifestyle Protocols: The Science AND Art of Evidence-Based Assessment, Reporting, and Intervention.’

Dr Chestnut says; “A chiropractor’s recommendations for care must be validated by the patient outcomes their care elicits. Patient outcomes are the foundation of value and value is the foundation of an ethical, successful practice.”

and “I have never been more optimistic about the ability to help chiropractors build ethical, patient outcome-centred, successful practices. I spent 25 years gathering the research for the theory and I have spent the past five years converting that theory into a practical model for practice.”

For more information about this two day event, click HERE.

Reference to Dr refers to Doctor of Chiropractic in the country of residency

Expressions of Interest for Grant Funding 2014 are Now Closed... What's Next?

Since March, Expressions of Interest (EOI) were open to researchers from across the globe to apply for funding to assist with their research projects.

Submission of an EOI is the first step in the process of seeking grant funding. This year we are pleased to announce that we received 14 EOI from 7 different countries.  We are excited to see that so many research scientists are working towards research outcomes creating more opportunity for a better level of health care globally through chiropractic.

With Expressions of Interest now closed for 2014, the Clinical Advisory Panel and Research Committee will begin the next phase of assessing the EOI's.

For more information on the grant funding process you can click HERE

You can also see who is on the research committee by going HERE

Or if you would like to see some of the research projects funded in 2013 and prior you can click HERE

Illuminate Volume 1, 2014 is Now Online

The latest edition of Spinal Research’s newsletter, Illuminate, has been added to our website.

This edition is jam-packed with interviews and articles including:

  • Framing Chiropractic to Make an Impact  - An Interview with Ben Harvey in which he masterfully describes some of what is involved to step up and become the leaders we need to be in our community.
  • Chiro Students Kicking Goals by William Randich is an entertaining report on the successful ‘Healthcare Cup’ held last September in support of Spinal Research.
  • Our Great Achievements by Nimrod Weiner takes a look at some of the challenges facing us as a profession and what we are doing to gain ground in our level of credibility and influence through quality, relevant research.
  • PLUS we have an update on what to expect from the upcoming Dynamic Growth Experiences 2014 by Craig Foote.

To access Illuminate, please click HERE

DG Congress 2014… Are you ready to Move It, Move It?

We are all ready to Move It, Move It! It was a great weekend seeing so many chiropractic professionals and complimentary natural health practitioners at the DG Congress 2014.

The event has been received very positively from the feedback so far, and if you didn’t get a chance to get along this year you can experience it through the video below.

Congratulations to our raffle and prize draw winners over the weekend…

Doug Herron, raffle prize winner 2014
Janah James, prize draw winner 2014
Lauren Kinnane, prize draw winner 2014
Martin Harvey, prize draw winner 2014
Kylie Loxton, prize draw winner 2014

So many people come together to make this event a success, thank you for your tireless efforts. Also thank you to the major sponsors and exhibitors who make this event possible.

If you have any questions, give us a call on 07 3808 4098 or email

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